Buy Lantus

Lantus, also known as insulin glargine, is a medication aimed at treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The body of an individual suffering from this disease either cannot produce insulin or cannot effectively use it to regulate blood sugar levels, which must be maintained to ensure proper energy levels. Lantus is designed to help offset the negative symptoms of diabetes by providing the body with a replacement for insulin.

How Lantus Works

Lantus is known as an insulin analog, which essentially means that it is designed to be a synthetic emulation of naturally occurring insulin. Like most diabetes medication, Lantus is injected subcutaneously, providing instant results. Once Lantus has entered the body it releases a precipitate, which is a chemical that the body reacts to just as it would natural insulin. This chemical then controls blood sugar levels, maintaining them for many hours.

Why Choose Lantus

Lantus has several advantages over similar diabetes drugs. The most notable benefit is its long-acting nature. Lantus lasts 18 to 26 hours, meaning that most patients usually only have to perform one injection per day, unlike the several injections required by other insulin analogs. Lantus is also peakless, which means that blood sugar levels do not dramatically increase or decrease while the medication is in effect.

Being peakless also gives Lantus another advantage. It is effective at reducing the risk of severe nocturnal hypoglycemia, which occurs when blood sugar concentration falls excessively low overnight. Because Lantus lasts so long and is peakless, severe nocturnal hypoglycemia is rarely a concern. Studies have connected severe nocturnal hypoglycemia with increased mortality rates among diabetes sufferers.

What to Know Before You Buy Lantus

Whether you wish to buy Lantus or its generic form, insulin glargine, both require a valid, signed prescription from a licensed physician. When asking for your prescription, it is important to give your doctor a list of all the drugs you are currently taking, including prescription medication, over the counter medication, supplements and vitamins. Additionally, you should inform your doctor of any health issues you have currently or have had in the past, especially if you have a history of liver, thyroid or kidney disease. Your doctor should also be informed if you are currently pregnant, think you may be pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.

Lantus, when used properly, can be a superior alternative to other similar drugs. With its once-per-day injection schedule, long acting nature and protection against severe nocturnal hypoglycemia, many individuals buy Lantus for its efficiency and convenience.