Buy Cheap Lantus

Lantus is an injection-based drug used to treat insulin deficiencies or disorders related to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Designed to be a synthetic insulin replacement, Lantus is used to offset the insufficient amounts of natural insulin produced by diabetes patients’ bodies. Lantus is especially useful in that it lasts 18 to 26 hours and has been shown to reduce risk of severe nocturnal hypoglycemia, which has been linked to increased chances of mortality in sufferers of diabetes. Because most diabetes patients require daily insulin replacement therapy to go about their daily lives, knowing where and how to buy cheap Lantus can be important.

Where to Buy Cheap Lantus

Lantus can be purchased in most traditional pharmacies, but the cheapest prices are typically found online. This reduced cost is often due to the fact that many online pharmacies are internationally-based, usually in Canada. While pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States are free to sell their products for whatever price they deem acceptable, Canadian law prevents this. Canada imposes limits on the prices that can be charged for medication.

Most of these online Canadian drugstores offer Lantus in various forms, such as vials, pre-filled injection pens and cartridges. Each of these contains the same drug, but are different delivery methods offered to suit the preference of each patient.

How to Buy Cheap Lantus

To purchase Lantus online, a signed prescription from a doctor is nearly always required. Once a prescription form has been acquired, most sites give users several options, including mail, fax or email, for submitting the necessary paperwork. Most online Canadian pharmacies also have several payment methods such as credit card, check or money order.

It should be noted that international trade law usually dictates that such websites may not send patients more than 90 days’ worth of Lantus in a given order. To purchase more, one must make a separate order, ensuring one’s prescription is still valid. One should also be aware that payment assistance programs, such as Medicare and other similar services, might not be applicable when purchasing Lantus or other drugs from international suppliers.

Lantus is a powerful drug for treating insulin deficiency, and as most diabetes patients require synthetic insulin on a daily basis, being able to buy cheap Lantus can often significantly cut the cost of treatment.