Buy Lantus Online

Lantus is an insulin analog used to treat insulin-related deficiencies and disorders in individuals that have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Taken via injection, Lantus is often used for its long-acting nature, with effects typically lasting between 18 and 26 hours. Lantus is also sometimes chosen over other insulin replacement drugs for its ability to decrease the risk of severe nocturnal hypoglycemia, which has been linked to increased mortality rates in diabetes patients. While Lantus can be purchased in most traditional drugstores, many patients buy Lantus online for a variety of reasons.

Why Buy Lantus Online?

Many people choose to buy Lantus online simply for the convenience of having the drug shipped to their homes. Once an initial purchase has been made, many websites allow patients to easily order refills by phone, fax or online purchase.

However, the most common reason that diabetes patients order Lantus online is the decreased price. Many online pharmacies that carry Lantus are based in Canada, which generally offers prescription drugs for much cheaper. This is due to laws that limit the price at which pharmaceutical companies are allowed to charge for medication – laws that are not in place in the United States. Additionally, the Canadian dollar is weaker than the U.S. dollar, allowing American citizens to get a higher value on Canadian goods, including medications.

How to Buy Lantus Online

One should know that purchasing Lantus online requires a signed prescription from one’s physician. Most websites require a doctor to submit a copy of the prescription form via fax or email. When this prescription expires, the process must be repeated. Most online pharmacies offer several ways to pay for Lantus, including by check, money order and credit card. However, in accordance with international trade regulations, a single order may not exceed 90 days’ worth of a given drug.

One usually has several choices when ordering Lantus online. The drug typically comes in vials, cartridges or injection pens. These are simply different delivery methods, and the drug inside of each is identical. Various sizes and dosages for each delivery method are typically available.

Choosing to buy Lantus online has the potential to save one a significant sum of money on diabetes treatment. As long as one carefully researches all prospective online pharmacies to ensure that they are legitimate, purchasing Lantus online can be a beneficial decision.